… soul stored souvenirs that unexpectedly brighten the day

take 5

When we get busy it can be difficult to make time to reflect and enjoy what we’re doing.  So take a break, make a cuppa and take the time to really enjoy it.  Or make a quick phone call and say hello to someone you’ve been thinking about.  Or enjoy a piece of fruit – from its smell to its taste to the very last bite.


tree love


I’ve decided to give in to my love of trees.  Abandon myself to it.  I don’t mean I’m going to start handing out leaflets on street corners but I am going to make this open declaration.  It’s love. You know when you visit one of those beautiful parks or gardens and you just see one of those unassuming trees just next to the path ahead.  Sort of standing there all tall, dark and handsome.  My current obsession seems to centre around these from the fir family – can just imagine them with a dusting of snow or releasing their piney fresh scent after warming up in the sunshine.  Gorgeous.


Don’t you just love that feeling of the smooth bark of a tree or the feel of a stone wall which has soaked up the afternoon sun?  It’s wonderful to get up close to nature and feel the difference in texture and temperature through touch,  The way it provides a more intimate connection than just watching it all pass by.



Isn’t it nice how the simple easy things can make such a difference?  Arranging pens and pencils in jars, a new candle in the bathroom, some branches tied with twine.  Ooh, I’m feeling all crafty.  I love how things that you wouldn’t think would match can go together to make something that looks oh so groovy…

rock hopping


Oh for an afternoon at the beach!  The smells and sounds take me straight back to some favourite days.  I have seen sand, waves, water and cliffs but one thing I love the most is exploring what has washed up on the rocks.  And anything is possible…

out with

I love that expression ‘out with the old and in with the new’. It is so true that refreshing the everyday things you connect with or see around you can make a big difference.

Have a chuck out for charity, rearrange your workspace or move around some furniture.  You’ll be surprised how much pleasure a new outlook can bring.


Ah, the sweet smells and sounds of Springtime. Can you believe that from my garden I have a view of


snow capped mountains to the west and daffodils at my feet nodding to the Spring sunshine? Bliss.

A deep breath surprises me with a chill that registers only after it hits my lungs. Every sensation is a celebration and I gulp until my eyes water. That doesn’t take long!

Happiness Quotations | Erica Glessing

... soul stored souvenirs that unexpectedly brighten the day

... soul stored souvenirs that unexpectedly brighten the day

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... soul stored souvenirs that unexpectedly brighten the day

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... soul stored souvenirs that unexpectedly brighten the day