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Spring was always something to look forward to – I remember every year I would find somewhere new to visit, something else to see, another open garden to visit.  The glorious displays of tulips and bulb flowers in Western Europe would make getting through another Winter worthwhile.  The banks of colour and fresh light of Spring will be something I carry with me always.



There was a place I used to walk and often sit to watch the world go by.  A place for quiet contemplation, a breath of fresh air and if the weather was nice, just a lovely place to spend some time.  Pictures like this one will always remind me of the  little place I will always consider to be my own.

It is cooler tonight, lovely for late Summer.  And if you wait for night to settle, you should miss the mosquitoes.  The clear night is beautiful and the stars are all out to see.  I remember I once saw the southern sky from an offshore island with no ambient light.  It was just transfixing – not so that you felt you could touch the stars but so that the sky became so infinite you lost your balance.  How lucky to be able to gaze up such a precious sky as ours.


I love any excuse for a cup of tea – or even better, a pot of tea.  Many wise people I’ve known have been lovers of tea – I wonder if tea makes you smarter? Perhaps not quite but there is something about a dainty tea cup and a nice drop of tea to fill it.  Cheers …

One of my favourite things is a tray of candles and shells – a collection of sweet and unusual gifts from nature.  Do you remember the first time you held a shell to your ear to listen to the ocean?  There must be a technical explanation for the sound that comes back to you but I much prefer the thought that it is a little of the sea that you hear.  


you can’t see me, you can’t see me

I saw one just today.  Granted he was a frilly necked dragon (Aussie lizard) but he’s a dragon just the same.  He’s so handsome too.  I have posted his photo here.  I remember one we used to have in our garden when we were children and he used to eat big bunches of the yellow flowers.  They must have tasted good I guess?  Anyway, this one is not having lunch but he probably is in warning mode …

Do you remember the last time you took on something new and scary?  Being full of bravado in the face of all the doubters?  Sometimes you don’t even know yourself whether you’ll be able to do it.  You just know you have to try.

Can you recall just how awesome you felt when you knew you were going to make it?  A moment of confidence to hold tight to.  We each can do it if we just take the time to find our feet.


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... soul stored souvenirs that unexpectedly brighten the day

... soul stored souvenirs that unexpectedly brighten the day

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... soul stored souvenirs that unexpectedly brighten the day

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... soul stored souvenirs that unexpectedly brighten the day